Our very first mixtape is coming out on September 30. The music on the tape comes from a diverse range of genres but what ties all of these artists together is that they are emerging Halifax-based stars. Below are the 15 wonderful artists we are releasing on the tape. Go follow them on instagram and listen to their bandcamps! The mixtapes will be available for purchase on our site and on bandcamp. Proceeds will go towards another Mirus project most likely all of it will go towards The Plumtree Project equipment rentals.

The Age   *   Aquakulture   *   Baseline  *  Booji Boys  *  Chudi Harris  *  DUST  *  Geil  *  Jonah Meltwave  *  Juice Girls  *  Kurt Inder  *  Municipality  *  No Problem  *  Nomadic Homes  *  Sarah Denim  *  WYON